The Srebrenica Files

Together with my friend and class mate, Kasper Goethals, I spent the month of May in 2015 researching, interviewing and observing in the Bosnian city Srebrenica. In July 1995, twenty years earlier, over 8000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were killed in the last genocide in Europe since World War II. We wanted to discover how the city’s daily life goes on today, our conclusion: ‘genocide still haunts the streets, troubles the minds and overshadows the economy.’

Srebrenica was the subject of our final project for our foreign corresponding year in Utrecht and Aarhus, as well as a freelance project in collaboration with photographer Johannes De Bruycker.

We were given the highest grade in Denmark and we sold different stories from Srebrenica to Belgian daily newspaper De Morgen (PDF) (Online), Belgian weekly P-Magazine and the transitional justice website Balkan Insight.

Our experiences were later published on Vranckx & De Nomaden, a platform supporting young talent among foreign correspondents: part 1; part 2.