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The Srebrenica Files

Together with my friend and class mate, Kasper Goethals, I spent the month of May in 2015 researching, interviewing and observing in the Bosnian city Srebrenica.

Avoid chaos, bet on the young democracies

For an online magazine I created with fellow-students, I wrote about how the European Union is selective in supporting countries after the Arab Spring. Conclusion? The EU only puts money into safe bets.

Exploring Serbia through art

For art website Mister Motley, I wrote a review of an art exhibition in Belgrade by Aleksandar Todorovic. A great Serbian talent.

Serbia: How to fight the war image?

War tore apart Yugoslavia only two decades ago and divided families, towns and friends into ethnical groups. It left the rest of the world with a clear and simplistic narrative


While the western world is proud of its exhausted peace doves Merkel and Hollande, Kiev is facing an incredibly difficult task. The only winner of the Minsk-talks last week is Putin.

Geldt high risk, high reward nog?

Voor de FondsNieuws special die een aantal keer per jaar bij ‘t Financieel Dagblad verschijnt, heb ik samen met Cees van Lotringen een artikel geschreven over de volatiliteit van beleggingsfondsen.